About Us

About Us

Zira Silah Company base goes back up to a small weapon workshop which is located in Uzumlu town KONYA and established at 1943. This Akdal families workshop has started to produce shotgun parts and becomes Turkey's first manufacturer of automatic and pump-action shotguns in later years.By Signing another principle in the production of sound and gas pistol which were described as blank pistols in our country, Akdal family has produced more then 70 models and colors of sound and gas pistols in this segment. Akdal Family produces shotguns for a long period for more than 70 countries including USA. Akdal family will provide significant contributions to the development of local arms industry by supporting developments to the domestic manufacturer in the weapons manufacturing and materials technologies

Today, BLOW who becomes one of the leading brands in the industry of air guns and blank firing guns is produced by Zira Silah San. This company is established in April 2009. With Production quality and groundbreaking innovations Zira silah is playing an important mission for the development of local arms industry. Today Zira silah is serving BLOW brand with fully integrated facilities for local and international markets.

With its quality level and product range today Zira Silah is exporting to more than 50 countries which Works over the weapons industry in the leading countries such as Germany and Italy


Vision and Mission

Zira silah’s Vision is to be one of the global leading brand in the field of Blank firing pistols internationally and in local market

Zira Silah’s Mission is to promote the local use of blank pistols and beside this mission Zira Silah is Contributing to the global signal pistol industry with groundbreaking innovation and technology



Zira Silah is shortens the production time and avoids the change in quality due to external factors by peforming all processes from raw material to end product at the same production plant.

Zira silah is analysis and controls the production processes with modern technological equipments to keep the quality level in production of blank and air pistols. Finished products are finally tested before they got ready for delivery of the shipments.



Zira silah who is Turkey's first manufacturer of blank firing guns in BLOW brand, provides innovative and development-oriented approach to domestic and global weapons with a significant contribution to the development of the industry.

While Zira silah is following the global trend and innovations instantly and uses developing Technologies in production processes, zira is sharing its experiences and informations about future weapon manufacturing Technologies and materials with the industry also. Zira silah is expending a significiant resources for R & D activities to redefine the boundaries the existing standards for innovations. With every innovation which Zira developed or contributes to developed, it has added a positive value to arms industry.Zira Silah is targeting a minimized production fault rates With all products which are produced in Zira silah by carrying out all processes from raw material input until the delivery to the customer according to local and international standards .